FARM BIONICS Sure Throat Spray


*FARM BIONICS Sure throat (Ginger Honey Tulsi Curcumin Piperine) Spray For Cough, Cold and Flu*

India’s First sore throat spray………… is a unique Product of 5 powerful Natural Ingredient like Curcumin, Piperine, Tulsi, Manuka honey and Ginger to give you a effective relief in the symptoms of COLD, COUGH, SORE & ITCHY THROAT.

Due to having a only natural ingredient it, we also recommended to children age above 1 year.

How it works….. Curcumin… a natural anti-inflammatory that is also a powerful antiviral, antibacterial remedy for colds and flu. …Curcumin is a fast and easy remedy for a sore throat that you can make at home and take with you, even if you need to head out for the day. Piperine…. Have powerful Anti-bacterial and Anti-Pyretic properties Helps to relief in Sore throat as well as in cold condition. It increase the bioavailability of curcumin. Ginger…. have anti-inflammatory properties also help kill bad bacteria. Ginger and honey work perfectly on Sore Throat once they are mixed with each other. Manuka Honey….World best Honey derived from New Zealand having a strong Anti-bacterial properties That kills bacteria including streptococcus that cause Sore Throat.

Dosage: 4 spray in adult every 3 to 4 hour 3 spray in children every 3 to 4 hour (age 1 to 8)

The Farm bionics Surethroat spray is a herbal remedy for cough and cold which can help relieve symptoms of an itchy, dry or sore throat.

Freshen up with the finest natural ingredients spray that is perfect for everyday use.
4 sprays every day, acts well, and does not have any side effects.
This product will give quick relief from initial phase of symptoms in no time.
Spray form hence spreads quickly.
Taste well due to natural ingredients like curcumin, piperine, ginger extract, punch tulsi, honey.
The product’s packaging reflects both aesthetic appeal and uniqueness


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