Daily Nano Yagya Kit

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Daily Nano yagya helps in achieving the desired physical and physiological benefits.

The Nano Yagya fit comprises of following:

1. 30 Goumay Kund : It is made of cow dung and has many health benefits.

2. 1 Yagy vedi (stand): It is nano yagya stand which is small in size and thus easy to perform yagya.

3. 200g Hawan Samagri: It helps to keep nearby environment clean and also leads to mental peace.

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Gomay Kund

“Goumay Kund” is the innovative product of nano Yagyopathy.

It is made of cow dung and natural herbs mixed material is the original recipe of Nano Yagyopathy.

The shape of Gomay kund is bowl shaped for ease of doing Yagya/hawan.

Other copied things available in market doesn’t result as the original product of the nano Yagyopathy.

The ashes generated from it are also beneficial and can be used as fertilizer for plants.

Feel the difference by using Nano Yagya.

Hawan Samagri

Hawan Samagri helps to kill bacteria and virus and thus purifies the environment. The impact

of it remains for longer duration of time after yagya has been performed.

The chanting of mantras while doing yagya also leads to mental health benefits.

Urja Vedi Stand

Urja vedi is the stand for performing Yagya.

It is ecofriendly.

It is small in size, makes it easy to perform Yagya anywhere.

The stand can be placed anywhere at place of performing Yagya and Gomay kund is placedon it for Yagya.


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